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Terms and Conditions

All programs on the Shareware.com website are by third party software providers, questions or comments / claims in regards to the software should be directed to their rightful publisher and or the company that created and not the staff at Shareware.com.

Trademarks and copyright are the property of their respective owners, these files are made available by servers all around and are NOT hosted on the Shareware.com servers. Shareware.com makes no claims or representations to the contents of any software presented on the site and are not responsible for any inaccuracies, viruses or infringements by third parties.

All "users" of Shareware.com are responsible for the scanning of viruses after the downloading and of software, any losses or damages due to software presented on this site is the responsibility of the "user" and to be taken up with the purveyor of said software.

If any hardware of software is damaged as a result of a download from the software presented on this site Shareware.com will not be held responsible as it acts strictly as a middle man.

No license or authorization shall be granted for the use of Shareware.com trademarks, service marks and other copyright material and or intellectual property.


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